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Cheviot Stages Otterburn - 28th October 2018

AS Performance North of England Tarmac Rally Championship, Ford Parts Cheviot Stages Round 9 of the North of England Tarmac Rally Championship not only marked the conclusion of the 2018 championship, but it also celebrated the 10th consecutive year of sponsorship from Alyn Stockton at AS Performance, based in Birtley, Gateshead.
Pendragon Stages - Warcop - 26th August 2018

22 Contenders 7 retirements on a very slippy Warcop Ranges, Car 1 was our 2018 championship leader Gordon Morrison and Co Driver Callum Macpherson in their Subaru Impreza, they were being pushed by our 2017 Championship winner Rob Snowden and his new co driver Mark Fisher in their Mk2 Escort, as the day started Snowden put up joint fastest stage time and then it was a bit back and forth due to the weather rain and not so much rain etc, a wrong tyre choice by Snowden on stage to put him back in fourth place whilst Morrison was sitting 3rd behind the wrc cars, a big battle was brewing as these 2 were on a different rally of their own and see the 2 going for it all afternoon, the brave 2 finished the day with Morrison winning the event outright and Snowden in 2nd, Stevie Irwin was having a blistering day with Ian Middleton co driving through the slippy ranges surface, with him saying the wetter it was the faster they were going, due to a gearbox mount breaking and driveshaft giving up they retired the car, and that was a blow for this crew as both used their joker on this round, with Barry Lindsay having his run of bad luck on the very first stage, he broke a driveshaft and with a speedy service was back out and finished in a respectable position and using his joker is only 1 point behind Irvin in the championship.
Round 7 Tyneside Stages - Otterburn Ranges - 5th August 2018

Imagine this for one moment, sun out from 5.
Round 6 Summer Stages Crail Raceway - 9th June 2018

2018  Championship leader Gordon Morrison was seeded car 1 for this event and the seeding was apt as he lead all day, Gordon drove faultlessly and the car behaved itself during the day, Co driven by Callum MacPherson who was over the moon with the result and his first win.
Round 5 Champion Rob Snowden 2nd O/a on the Warcop Stages - 1st April 2018

Rob Snowden drove very well all day to secure 2nd o/a on Sunday, he was held up by a car on one of the stages that lost him 30 odd seconds, and that was the result time between 1st and 2nd he said, saying if that hadn't of happened he would of taken the battle to the end.
Round 4 Dcc Stages Ingliston Gordon Morrison takes victory - 24th March 2018

The weather again was really good on the day for round 4, but our leading championship crews were having a terrible day, 3rd placed As Performance crew Stevie Irwin and co driver Ian Middleton started off well until a drive shaft snapped on his Vauxhall Nova, Leaders Jo Cunningham and Marc Fowler retired after blowing their engine up.
Round 3 Grant Construction Stages, Knockhill - 25th February 2018

Round 3 at Knockhill Circuit, there has been a great entry from the ASP Tarmac championship crews heading up next weekend, the weather isn't looking great at the moment, but after the first 2 rounds with snow and ice they should be ready for any weather it throws at them.
Barry Lindsay takes victory at Croft - 21st January 2018

Barry Lindsay has won the 2018 Jack Frost Stages at Croft, The event was a lot worse than the Christmas stages as the snow started to fall again around lunch time, Exchanging times with the regular winner of the the Christmas Stages and Jack Frost Stages (Kevin Proctor).
Jack Frost Stages 2018 .2nd Round - 21st January 2018

With a very cold and slippy surface the crews headed out to the stages through out the day, only 2 championship crews retired.
First Championship Round Christmas Stages Croft Circuit - 1st January 2018

With a very slippery Croft circuit on Saturday all the top drivers were caught out on the first couple of stages leaving the less powerfull cars lead the way, As the circuit started to thaw it was catch up for the remaining 4 stages.